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5 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Security System

Do you feel confident your home security system is protecting your home and family around the clock, whether anyone is there?

Are you sure your current system still works and can deter more savvy burglars?

Having a security system is one of the best ways to protect your home and property from burglary. Studies have shown that homes with a security system are roughly three times less likely to be burglarized than homes without a security system.

But not all security systems are made the same, which is why it’s a good idea to reevaluate your existing setup every once in a while.

Here are five signs it’s time to update your security system.

1. You Have Been a Victim

If burglars have gotten past your current system, it’s likely time for an upgrade.

Identify the failure points that allowed them to gain access and look for a new system that is less vulnerable.

2. Your Security System Is Hard-Wired

Wired security systems are easy to hack. Why? Because burglars only have to find and cut the wires. If your current system is hard-wired, it’s time to upgrade.

Wireless systems offer other benefits as well, such as access to the control panel via your smartphone or computer, even if you’re not at home.

You can receive real-time alerts, and if you sense something suspicious, you can change codes on the fly.

3. It Doesn’t Work Properly

If your current system gives false alarms or no alarms when it should, or if it fails to trigger when you test it, it’s time to trade it in.

A more modern system will be sophisticated enough not to be falsely triggered by variables such as pets and severe weather. It will also be extremely sensitive to even the slightest attempt at a break-in.

4. It Doesn’t Offer the Most Current Options

Modern systems give you the ability to control lights, thermostats, as well as to lock and unlock doors and windows as needed. 

This feature comes in handy when a housekeeper, repair person, or dog walker needs access to your home while you are away.

Additional features such as these can save you money in the long run and eliminate the need to give out access codes or keys to service personnel.

5. The Monitoring Company Doesn’t Call Promptly

When the alarm is triggered, the monitoring company should contact you within moments to check and see if everything is okay. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen like this.

Some monitoring companies may take 10 minutes, 30 minutes or even longer to call the homeowner. In some instances, monitoring companies fail to call the homeowner at all.

This situation is entirely unacceptable and dangerous! If this sounds all too familiar, it’s time to upgrade to a new security system.

Cultris Security Systems partners with state-of-the-art vendors and can recommend the optimum security products to protect your home and family. Call us at 281-506-8466 or visit us online to learn more.

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5 Signs It's Time to Update Your Security System
Not all security systems are made equal, and it may be time to upgrade. Here are five signs that it's time to update your security system.

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