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4 Tips to Protect Against Shoplifting in Retail

Do you own and/or manage a retail store? If so, you are probably well aware of the importance of preventing shoplifting. According to the 27th Annual Retail Theft Survey conducted by Jack L. Hayes International, roughly 1.2 million shoplifters were caught during 2014 by just 25 of the nation’s leading retailers. Retailers lose billions of dollars each year to shoplifting, but the good news is that you can deter theft by implementing some simple security measures.

Install Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors are used so that employees can monitor shoppers’ activity while they are around corners and aisles. They offer a simple and inexpensive means to discourage shoplifting. Once installed above an aisle, employees can see exactly what shoppers are doing.

And just the sight of a large convex mirror overhead is often enough to make a would-be shoplifter think twice about lifting an item. Even if there are no employees nearby, would-be shoplifters don’t want to be observed by other shoppers.

Maintain a Clean, Organized Store

How can this help to protect against shoplifting? Well, shoplifters often target stores that are messy and unkempt, assuming employees are not paying attention. If your store is clean and well-organized, it sends the message that employees are engaged and observant. Have employees go throughout your store on a regular basis, cleaning up trash and organizing misplaced products.

In addition to protection against shoplifting, this may also have a positive impact on sales, as shoppers will feel more comfortable and willing to pay more for products which are in organized, clean displays.

Place Security Tags on High-Dollar Products

Security tags are often viewed as a nuisance among retailer workers, simply because they must manually remove them from products that are sold. However, the use of security tags is an excellent deterrent against shoplifting. The tag trips an alarm as the shoplifter tries to leave, increasing their chances of being caught. Even if someone manages to get away with a product one time, they may damage it trying to remove the security tag, making them less inclined to steal anything else with a security tag attached.

You don’t have to necessarily place tags on all of your store’s products, but rather consider placing them on the high-dollar products (e.g., for fashion retailers – coats, handbags, purses, designer dresses, etc.).

Monitor Products that Are Commonly Stolen

Some products will naturally draw the attention of shoplifters more so than others. If you find the same items being taken frequently, consider installing video surveillance cameras in this section of your store, as well as at entry and exit doors.

The goal for any retail owner is to prevent theft in the first place instead of dealing with the loss and hassle of catching and prosecuting the thief. Video surveillance is an excellent deterrent.  Even if a shoplifter gets away with an item, the chances of catching them are significantly increased if captured on video.

Another benefit of video surveillance is it can serve as a “witness” to employee misbehavior such as harassment, theft, or filing a false workman’s comp injury claim.

Cultris Security Systems can help you determine how to protect your assets, regardless of the size of your property or type of business. Contact us at 281-506-8466 or visit us online to learn more!

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4 Tips to Protect Against Shoplifting in Retail
Shoplifting cost retailers billions of dollars in losses each year. Here are some tips to protect your retail property from shoplifters.

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