Safer Neighborhoods: How an HOA can Help!

Homeowners Associations Tackling Security

Many Homeowners Associations (HOAs) work to provide more security for their community. This includes gates, video cameras and electronic access control. Residents still need security at their home, but community systems help with issues like vandalism, trespassing and theft of vehicles or property.  Enhanced security deters criminals from targeting that community at all – a positive for all residents.

Remote Entry

A gated community works without requiring a fulltime guard onsite. A phone entry system for visitors and remote control access for residents works well for controlling access. A windshield sticker system similar to a toll tag can be read when you approach the gate. The gate then opens for registered residents. This technology keeps traffic flowing especially during the busiest times of day!

Crack Down on Vandals and Unwanted Guests

HOAs with gates see issues when vendors, delivery services and others become frustrated when they cannot gain entry. These angry folks may drive into the gates, run over the phone entry system pole or run over landscaping or lighting.

HOAs capture identifying information on all vehicles entering or exiting a neighborhood (including these vandals), with “license plate” cameras.  These high quality cameras record the digits on a license plate. The camera is directed at the license plate when a vehicle is coming or going and the image is recorded.  An overview camera as well at all entrances deters unwanted guests as well as those looking for crimes of opportunity.

Securing Common Areas

Access control systems also secure areas like the neighborhood pool, tennis court or clubhouse. The pool stays off limits in the off-season with card readers at the gates. The HOA turns on pool cards during the summer months and deactivates them at other times or when people move away.  With cloud access control, members can open the gate with an app on their phone.

Security Patrol

Many HOAs hire a private security or constable patrol. In addition to creating a security presence, the team watches homes when the residents are on vacation. When a community has a patrol, residents can program their alarm systems to call them instead of the general police number.  This helps improve response times in an emergency.

Thieves and vandals are always looking for easy targets.  At Cultris Security Systems, we can help your HOA with a security plan. Contact us today at 281-506-8466 or visit us online!

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Safer Neighborhoods: How an HOA can Help!
Homeowners Associations are looking at ways to make their neighborhoods safer and to deter crime. Video cameras, access control and other strategies help enhance the safety and security of all residents.

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