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5 Pool Safety Tips for the Summer

A pool is a great way to enjoy hot weather, but safety is a priority for any pool owner.

While pool safety is important for adults and children alike, children are particularly vulnerable to danger. According to the American Red Cross, 200 children drown every year in backyard pools.

Here are a few tips to keep every member of your family safe this summer.

1. Install a Security System

Adults understand the risks that come with a pool, but children are blissfully unaware. They may wander into the pool area, even if you’ve told them never to go without an adult.

Security features such as door and window alarms give you a head’s up that someone has entered or exited, giving you a chance to intercept the child before they get to the pool. A security system can also be your eyes when you’re not at home.

Many people vacation during the summer, which leaves homes empty for teens and others to take advantage of an unused pool.

Video surveillance allows remote access monitoring of your property. While you want to prevent damage to your pool or home, you also don’t want your pool to be the location of a tragedy.

2. Know the Signs of Distress

Drowning is not obvious. There’s no splashing, waving of arms or yelling. Drowning happens silently and quickly, with most people disappearing below the water surface in under a minute.

If someone’s in distress, here are a few signs to look for:

  • Head tilted back with mouth open
  • Mouth at water level
  • Eyes glassy or closed
  • Gasping
  • Trying to roll on back
  • Trying to swim but not getting anywhere
  • Climbing an invisible ladder

Simply asking someone “Are you okay?” can answer your question. If they can’t respond, take immediate action to remove them from the water

3. Supervise Children

It probably sounds like common sense, but we cannot state its importance enough. Children should never be unsupervised in a pool area. Just having an adult present doesn’t mean they are watching the children.

Any time children are in a pool, one adult should be assigned to “pool duty.” They can make sure that children practice safe swim habits such as no diving and staying away from drains and pipes that can trap them.

4. Limit Access to Your Pool

Make sure your pool is difficult for children to access. Children are quick, and all it takes is a few minutes for them to get into a pool unaccompanied.

Even if you don’t have children in the home, you may have neighbor kids who wander into your yard from time to time. Secure your pool with a 4 foot or higher fence that has a self-closing and self-latching entrance.

Remove any ladders or nearby chairs that children can use to hoist themselves up and over. Pool covers are another good option. They not only keep your pool clean, but they will keep children out.

5. Establish Emergency Procedures

If you own a pool, establish emergency procedures and familiarize your family with them. Educate your children on pool safety, how to identify signs of distress and how to dial 911.

Become CPR certified and keep first-aid supplies nearby. Post emergency procedures, phone numbers and CPR instructions in a visible area. Keep a phone in the pool area at all times.

Pool Safety = Fun for Everyone

While children are vulnerable to drowning, anyone can be a victim. Practice vigilance if you own a pool by knowing the risks and educating yourself on safety procedures.

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5 Pool Safety Tips for the Summer
A pool is a great way to enjoy hot weather, but safety is a priority for any pool owner, especially if you have small children. Here are a few tips to keep every member of your family safe this summer.

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