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5 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

Your neighborhood has recently been in the newspaper for break-ins. You know you need a security system, but funds are tight right now.

Don’t worry! Here are five inexpensive ways to make your home more secure until you can purchase a home security system.

1. Install Heavy-Duty Kick Plates

One of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to make your home more secure is to install heavy-duty kick plates on the doors.

It’s no secret that burglars often gain entry into homes by kicking in the door.

However, most factory doors come with cheap kick plates that are unable to withstand the force of a kick, making it easy to for someone wearing heavy boots to kick it in.

You can prevent this from happening by replacing the kick plates in your home’s doors with stronger, more heavy-duty kick plates. They typically cost about $10 bucks a piece, which is a small price to pay for the increased security and peace of mind they offer.

2. Adopt a Dog… or Make It Look Like You Have a Dog

Dogs are a burglar’s worst enemy. In addition to the physical ferocity of many canine companions, dogs also have a tendency to bark loudly in the presence of strangers. Even small dogs can create a tremendous amount of noise!

If it’s not feasible to own a dog, another solution is to make it look like you own a dog — even if you do not. Place items around your home’s exterior like food and water dishes, play toys, and even a dog house.

You can add a “Beware of the Dog” sign for an added effect. Any would-be burglars who see these items will likely avoid your home, assuming there’s a dog inside or in your yard.

3. Install Security Film on Your Windows

We’ve talked about this before on our blog, but installing security film on windows can help protect against break-ins.

Security film is essentially a sheet of self-adhesive paper that’s applied to the surface of a glass window. Once applied, it prevents the glass from shattering.

So even if a burglar smashes the window, the film will help keep it together. It’s not a fool-proof means to protect against break-ins through a window, but it will make it harder for a burglar to break in.

4. Grow Thorny Bushes in Front of Your Windows

You can use your landscape to enhance your home’s security, as well. For instance, growing thorny bushes in front of windows may deter burglars from attempting to climb through the windows.

If a burglar is forced to climb through sharp barbs, they’ll probably think twice before entering!

5. Simulate Your Presence

In addition to making it look like you own a dog, you can also enhance your home’s security through presence simulation.

In other words, make burglars think that someone is home even when it’s unoccupied. Leaving a light or two on will create the impression of an occupied home.

Or better yet, install timed lights and electrical switches that automatically turn on and shut off at specific times of the day in different rooms.

Install a Home Security System

Of course, there is no better substitute for deterring burglaries than a home security system! 

Cultris Security Systems specializes in rural property security. We can help you determine the products that best fit your rural property’s needs and budget.

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5 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home More Secure
Your neighborhood has recently been in the newspaper for break-ins. You know you need a security system, but funds are tight right now.

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