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2 Ways to Plan for the Worst

You’re gathered in your family room with your family for movie night. Just as the movie’s theme music begins playing, you suddenly hear a glass breaking at the front of the house, then voices.

Usually, the intruders’ intent is to steal cash, jewelry and anything else they can sell, often to buy drugs.

However, sometimes a simple home burglary morphs into a violent act. So what do you do if your home is invaded?

Unfortunately, there is no easy, single response since every scenario is different. Even if you can call 911, it can take several minutes for police to arrive, and then even longer as they determine their best course of action.

While each of these has multiple components and outcomes, you basically have three choices:

  1. Escape or hide
  2. Comply with all demands
  3. Resist and scream for help

Obviously, escape and getting somewhere you can call the police is the preferable choice. Often, you may find yourself doing a combination of these actions.

But all the options have risks depending on how well you’re equipped to resist. Here are two ways to stay safe.

1. Prevention Is by Far the Best Weapon

Prevention can come in the form of equipment such as secure locks, strong doors and a modern security system with panic alarms to behaviors such as never opening the door without knowing who it is and never leaving doors and windows unlocked.

2. Create a Family Security Plan

Having a plan in place for how to handle scenarios can greatly improve you and your family’s chances of surviving a home invasion unharmed.

Just like fire drills, you should discuss and practice your plan with your family. As your family changes, e.g., your children become older, you should update the plan.

While you don’t want to create an environment of paranoia, simply having some idea of what to do can actually empower your family.

Your plan should include:

  • Basic instructions on what to do if someone you don’t know rings your doorbell, even someone claiming to be a police officer, repair or delivery person, a person needing help, etc.
  • A code word that all family members know so when they hear it, they know it’s necessary to implement the plan.
  • A basic outline of the most common scenarios.
  • A route to get out of various parts of the house. For example, climbing out a bedroom window if in one area, through the garage in another and out onto the roof in a third area.
  • A pre-determined meeting place such as a neighbor’s or a lamppost down the street, etc.
  • A pre-determined place to go for help, such as a neighbor’s.
  • Where weapons are stored, if applicable. Even fire extinguishers and household cleaners can be turned into a temporary distraction, giving you a few moments to escape.

Remember — NOTHING in your home is worth you or your family’s life or safety. Always choose the option that will result in the lowest risk of you or someone else being hurt.

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Article Name
2 Ways to Plan for the Worst: Home Security
Remember -- NOTHING in your home is worth you or your family's life or safety. Always choose the option that will result in the lowest risk of you or someone else being hurt.

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