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Home Security Myths and Misconceptions

Crime Doesn’t Happen in My Neighborhood

Think your home is safe from burglary because you live in a nice neighborhood? Unfortunately, many homeowners have the perception of security due to their geographic location. In reality, though, burglars can strike anywhere, anytime. Some burglars will even target “nice neighborhoods,” assuming the homes contain more valuables.

If you are interested in checking the crime rates in and around your neighborhood, plug in your street address at https://www.crimereports.com/. While not 100% accurate, this free-to-use tool reveals reports of criminal activity using a Google Maps view.

I Live in a Gated Community so I’m Safe

While gated communities give the illusion of safety, many studies have found that they really don’t have lower crime rates. Some reasons given include that too many people who do not live in the community are given access codes, such as housekeepers, landscapers, delivery drivers, and other service personnel. The codes end up finding their ways into the the heads of burglars. Even manned gates are usually staffed by low paid, inadequately trained individuals who may be subject to bribes or just not willing to put their lives on the line. And last, gates delay emergency vehicles such as police and fire fighters from responding to a homeowner’s call quickly.

Fake Video Cameras Are Just as Effective as Real Ones

Sure, those fake video cameras may deter some burglars, but others will walk right by without taking notice. And because they don’t actual record footage, they aren’t going to prove helpful in bringing the perpetrator to justice. If you are serious about protecting your home, you should install a real video surveillance system. Hopefully it never happens, but if your home is ever burglarized or vandalized, a video surveillance system will catch the individual on camera.

Alarm Systems Are Too Expensive

This is another home security myth that needs to go. While there’s some initial investment required to install and maintain an alarm system, it will almost certainly pay off in the long run. For about the cup of a daily coffee, you can protect your home with a professionally monitored security system.

Furthermore, you may be eligible for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premium, and you can sleep more soundly at night knowing your property is protected, making an alarm system well worth the investment.

I Have a Pet, So I Can’t Use Motion-Sensing Security Systems

Roughly half of all U.S. households own a dog or cat (or both). Naturally, homeowners may assume that their pet will trigger a motion-sensing alarm, but this isn’t necessarily true. While some of the earlier model systems were sensitive enough to be triggered by a dog or cat, recent technological advancements have solved this problem. The newer security systems on the market are equipped with infrared thermal motion sensors that only respond to the heat signature of a human. Because dogs and cats are smaller than humans, they won’t trip the motion sensor.

I Can Buy and Install a Security System Myself

Granted, there are plenty of do-it-yourself home/business security systems in the market, but just because you can use a DIY system doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Many of these DIY security systems don’t have the necessary safeguards to continue functioning in the event of a power outage or phone line being cut. Professionally installed security systems, however, are designed to continue running in instances such as this.

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Home Security Myths and Misconceptions
Many homeowners assume that home security systems are unnecessary or too expensive. Here we debunk some myths about home security.

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