Ding Dong! Is the Video Doorbell for You?

With the many recent stories package theft, potential home invasions and break-ins at homes still under construction after Hurricane Harvey, the ability to capture what’s going on at your front door is more important than ever. A cost effective and easy to use way to grab that activity is the video doorbell.

Why a Video Doorbell

A video doorbell serves a dual purpose.  First, as a doorbell, it lets you know when someone is at your door. Then it allows you to speak to them through two-way audio. This is especially useful when you aren’t home but want to give the impression that you are.  Second, as a camera, you can check in at any time and watch a live feed. It also alerts you when there is motion or someone rings the doorbell so you can pull up the video to see who is there.

In many cases, just having the doorbell camera is a deterrent to anyone attempting to commit a crime on your property. They will see it and know they are being watched and recorded. For those who push forward anyway, you can speak to them through the doorbell to let them know they are on film and the police are on their way. You will also have footage showing the perpetrator and their vehicle if they parked in range of the camera.  This can be turned over to the police. They can then use the footage to warn others or to try to identify the criminal if a crime does occur.

Is there an App for That?

Doorbell cameras have their own app or can be accessed through the app you use for your alarm system (for certain brands). The app alerts you when there is motion or someone pushes the doorbell. Then  you can speak to the person and watch the video right from your phone or tablet.

How do I Pick the Right One?

The Ring doorbell is the most well-known and has a couple of different options to choose from. The battery powered device requires battery charging after several months. Other models connect to your electrical system through your existing doorbell wiring. They all require WiFi to communicate to the app to send you alerts. The Ring doorbells require a paid subscription to be able to record and play back video from the cloud. Also, the battery-powered Ring doorbell won’t have a sound inside the house to notify you someone is at the door unless you add the Chime plug-in for an additional cost.

The Skybell doorbell only works with an existing powered doorbell (they don’t have a battery option) but it does not require a subscription for recordings and playback. Seven days of cloud storage of the video doorbell footage is available for free. You can always download clips and save them if you will need them beyond the seven days. The Skybell can also be integrated into the app that you use for your Honeywell  or 2Gig brand alarm system.

Is a Video Doorbell all I Need?

A video doorbell is a great first camera to complement your security system. It can also help augment coverage on a CCTV system. Since it will watch your door, porch and view of the street, you can use your other cameras to cover the sides, back door and fence line.

We Can Help!

Cultris Security Systems offers a free Skybell video doorbell to all new monitoring customers. Whether you have an existing system and just need monitoring, or are starting from scratch, call us at 281-506-8466 or visit us online.

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Ding Dong! Is the Video Doorbell for You?
A video doorbell allows you to see who comes to the door even when you aren't there to answer. Keep criminals away through live video and two-way audio.

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