Creating a “Smart” Home

What makes a Smart Home?

Home automation is often seen as a complement to a security system installation.  This “smart” functionality can also help boost the security of your home. Lights on a timer give the illusion of occupancy when you are not home. Keyless entry allows for housekeepers, contractors or overnight visitors to enter the house without the need to hide a key. All of these features can be managed from your smartphone or tablet. This increased flexibility allows you to be on top of your home even when you are not there.

Z-Wave Technology

Home automation is powered by Z-Wave technology. This allows devices to communicate with your security panel or other smart hub. The more advanced Z-Wave compatible security panels include voice commands – so you can make changes across the house from anywhere on site. With the Total Connect app, you can control the activity in the house remotely from your smartphone. And with the new partnership between Honeywell Lyric systems and Apple HomeKit, even Siri can help set your alarm or turn on your lights.

Setting the Scene

Creating scenes allows you to have pre-sets for certain situations or times of day.  When you wake up, simply say, “wake up.” The heat will kick on, lights will turn on and the shades will go up. Similarly, you can have a scene that turns on lights, the television and changes the thermostat in the evening in anticipation of your arrival home.  Going out of town? Program the lights to come on at dusk and turn off at dawn each day. You can turn your air conditioning up while you are away to conserve energy (and help your electric bill!). Use your app to cool the house down on the day of your return.

On the Go

Take advantage of other safety measures away from home. Through your controller and phone app, you can track GPS on your vehicles. This is a great way to keep up with your teenager with a new drivers license! You can also set up phone alerts so you are notified if the temperature of the house gets above or below a certain point, if a door is ajar or if someone opens your gate. Unlock the door remotely from your phone app for a visitor or the babysitter.  With a video doorbell, you can see and speak to anyone coming to your door. The live video feed allows you to see when packages are delivered and keep an eye on the front of your house.

We can Help

Cultris Security Systems can help you design a smart home to meet all of your security and automation needs. Call us today at 281-506-8466 or visit us online.

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Creating a Smart Home
Adding home automation to make your home "smart" provides convenience and flexibility and also helps to boost your security. Door locks, automated lights and thermostats help make your life easier and safer.

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