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How Secure Is Your School Campus?

It will be 50 years this August since the tragic shooting at the University of Texas that claimed 14 lives and injured 32 others. “Tower,” a documentary scheduled to air later this year, recounts the events of that day and places school security once again at the center of media attention. Sadly, violent acts like...

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The Hurdles of Dorm Security (and How to Solve Them)

There are currently more than 20 million students enrolled in college courses, according to the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) National Center for Education Statistics. Some of these students live at home with their parents, whereas others live alone in homes or apartments. Of course, a third option is to live in a dorm room,...

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6 Tips to Protect Your School from Vandalism

Schools should provide a safe, distraction-free environment in which students can learn and excel in their academic studies. Unfortunately, though, it’s not uncommon for schools to become the target of vandalism. According to the U.S. National Center for Education Statistics, 38% of schools reported having one or more incidents of vandalism either on the school...

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