6 Safety Tips for Kids Home Alone This Summer

Summer vacation is in full swing. For many kids, this means pool parties, cookouts and sleepovers with friends. It may also mean being at home alone while parents are at work. No matter the age of a child, every parent worries about safety, particularly if a child is staying alone for the first time. 1. Determine if They Are...

pool safety

5 Pool Safety Tips for the Summer

A pool is a great way to enjoy hot weather, but safety is a priority for any pool owner. While pool safety is important for adults and children alike, children are particularly vulnerable to danger. According to the American Red Cross, 200 children drown every year in backyard pools. Here are a few tips to keep...

home safety tips

Simple Home Safety Tips for Parents

You may feel comfortable in your home, but an emergency situation can happen in the blink of an eye. And as a parent, you have the added responsibility of ensuring your children’s safety. Here are several tips to help you enhance your family’s safety. You Can Install a Security System While you may feel secure...

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