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Top 6 Items Stolen During a Home Burglary

Ever wonder what items thieves are most interested in during a home burglary? Items, such as cash, are pretty obvious, but burglars are also looking for items they can sell or pawn for quick cash. Keep reading for a list of the six most stolen items. 1. Cash It should come as no surprise cash...

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10 Ways to Secure Your Home Before Your Summer Vacation

Ahhh….summer vacation. Time to unplug, relax, unwind and have some fun with friends or loved ones. The summer months see the highest number of burglaries, often due to people being away. So, while you’re scrambling to find sunscreen and other vacation necessities, don’t forget about securing your home while you’re away. So here are ways to...

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6 Safety Tips for Kids Home Alone This Summer

Summer vacation is in full swing. For many kids, this means pool parties, cookouts and sleepovers with friends. It may also mean being at home alone while parents are at work. No matter the age of a child, every parent worries about safety, particularly if a child is staying alone for the first time. 1. Determine if They Are...

pool safety
Children Family and Parenting Residential Security

5 Pool Safety Tips for the Summer

A pool is a great way to enjoy hot weather, but safety is a priority for any pool owner. While pool safety is important for adults and children alike, children are particularly vulnerable to danger. According to the American Red Cross, 200 children drown every year in backyard pools. Here are a few tips to keep...

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2 Ways to Plan for the Worst

You’re gathered in your family room with your family for movie night. Just as the movie’s theme music begins playing, you suddenly hear a glass breaking at the front of the house, then voices. Usually, the intruders’ intent is to steal cash, jewelry and anything else they can sell, often to buy drugs. However, sometimes a...

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7 Tips to Shut Down Crimes of Opportunity on Your Street

Recent posts on neighborhood communication tools like NextDoor and Facebook reveal people waking in the morning to discover thieves have rifled through their cars during the night and taken items. Replies to these posts indicate others on the same street or nearby experienced the same thing on the same night! The common thread almost every...

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New Pet? Here Are 6 Ways to Secure Pet Doors

Pet doors are convenient for letting cats and dogs come and go as they please into your home, but they do come with risks if they are unsecured. Just recently, a burglar in Salt Lake City entered a couple’s home through the doggie door while they were sleeping. Once inside, he found the keys to...

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2 Key Ways to Secure the Exterior of Your Business

The exterior of your business provides a buffer between the outside world and your business’ assets.  Business assets include: Confidential information Computer systems Human life Many businesses are so focused on protecting their internal assets they overlook their building’s exterior. Here are a few suggestions for enhancing your business’ exterior and its surrounding areas. 1....

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Security System

Statistics show homes with a security system are up to three times less likely to be burglarized, attesting to the power of professional security. But not all systems are made equal, and there are a few things to consider when choosing one. 1. Is it Monitored? A monitored security system will give you peace of...

workplace violence
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Preventing Workplace Violence: Emergency Action Plan

  Working at a company that interacts with the public regularly is the number one risk factor for workplace violence. Employers should be prepared for a range of situations, including: Active shooter Robberies Bomb threats Coworker on coworker assault Customer on employee assault While you can’t always prevent a dangerous incident, you can take measures...

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