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Apartment Security 101: 5 Ways to Create a Safe Environment for Tenants

Do you own or manage an apartment complex? If so, you should take a proactive approach toward creating a safe and secure environment for tenants.

In many jurisdictions, landlords, business owners and other property owners have a duty to protect their tenants and customers from danger.

If you fail to implement the necessary safeguards and security measures to create a safe environment, you could face civil legal action for negligent security.

This is an all-too-common occurrence in apartment complexes, as landlords are often sued for failure to maintain working security systems and video surveillance cameras.

So, let’s take a look at ways you can protect tenants and your property from vandalism and burglary.

1. Install Security Gates

Of course, one of the easiest ways to secure an apartment complex is by installing a security gate. While not fool-proof, studies have shown that security gates significantly reduce crime in apartment complexes.

They typically consists of a full fence around the perimeter of the apartment complex and a gate at the front. When a tenant or visitor approaches the gate, they must scan an identifier (e.g., card or RFID device) or punch in a passcode, at which point the gate will open and grant entry.

Known as “access control systems,” they are a highly effective way to discourage burglary, vandalism and criminal mischief in apartment complexes.

2. Install Video Surveillance

The best protection of all is to prevent crime in the first place. If potential vandals, assailants or thieves see video surveillance cameras around the property, they are less likely to commit criminal acts.

Also, if someone commits a crime, the video surveillance files can serve as a witness, making it easier to catch and prosecute the perpetrator. Install them in areas such as entry points and hallways, perimeters and common areas such as laundry rooms, storage units and parking garages.

3. Keep Parking Lots Well-Lit

Lighting plays a key role in the security of an apartment complex. When there’s inadequate lighting, it will create hiding places for burglars and other nefarious individuals.

This is why it’s essential that landlords replace dead/blown bulbs promptly, and install additional lighting in dim, poorly lit areas.

Common areas such as storage and laundry rooms should also be well-lit and ideally secured by access control.

4. Change Locks and Passcodes Regularly

It’s also a good idea to change the locks in your apartment on a regular basis. Previous tenants may hold on to their keys, or even create spare keys, increasing the risk of a burglary.

It’s the landlord’s responsibility to change the locks to help prevent this type of criminal activity from occurring. The same goes for passcodes if your property uses them at gates and other entry areas.

Passcodes get shared, as well previous tenants may remember them, so change them regularly.

5. Install Alarm Systems

Install alarm systems in units, which gives tenants the option to enable the alarm and secure their unit.

Studies have shown that homes and properties with security systems are three times less likely to be burglarized than properties without them.

Beat Your Competition

If your property is in competitive rental market, having a modern security system can make your rental units more appealing to tenants. Tenants may also be willing to pay a little more rent for the peace of mind. Let your potential tenants know their safety is your priority.

We Can Help

At Cultris Security Systems, we can work with you to determine the security needs for your rental properties. We work with a variety of commercial properties and design custom security systems that fit our clients’ exact needs.

Whether it’s an alarm system, access control, video surveillance or a combination, we’ve got you covered!

Call us at 281-506-8466 or visit us online to learn how we can ensure the safety of your tenants and property, as well as reduce the likelihood of a lawsuit.

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Apartment Security 101: 5 Ways to Create a Safe Environment for Tenants
Do you own or manage an apartment complex? If so, you should take a proactive approach toward creating a safe and secure environment for tenants.

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