Established in 2005

Cultris Security Systems Inc. was established in 2005 as a full-service fire, security, access control, video surveillance, and communications company.

Cultris founder and president Jason Smith began his career in the security industry as a young man working for a security firm as a field tech, ultimately working his way up to a project manager. Having worked in the field and then managing others, he gained an intimate knowledge of every phase of a security system installation, maintenance and monitoring.

Jason thoroughly enjoyed having the expertise to ensure residential and commercial customers’ assets were well-protected from just about any threat.

What Jason didn’t enjoy was the lack of commitment and attention to customer service many security firms demonstrated. He felt the firms were too focused on profits, doing or saying whatever it took to get customers’ business, but then falling short on delivering sufficient follow up service.

What these firms lacked was a passion and desire to do whatever it took to make customers happy.

Jason knew he had the experience and knowledge to start his own firm, and he knew he had something else:

The desire and dedication to provide exceptional customer service to his customers.

Jason’s sole mission is to ensure his customers’ assets are protected by the best products and people in the industry. With so many things to worry about in our hectic world, he wants his customers to have a total peace of mind when it comes to securing their assets.

Cultris grew quickly, with many customers recommending Cultris to their friends, family and business partners. Many customers start with using Cultris for a single entity such as a primary home or business. They soon move on to use Cultris to secure second homes or other businesses, eventually relying on Cultris for all of their personal and commercial security needs.

With Jason at the helm, Cultris continues to gain lifelong customers by working with them every step of the way, from analyzing their security needs, to installation, to maintenance, to monitoring, to being there when they’re ready to add or move services.

A Phone Call Away

While Cultris has continued to grow, managing security needs from single homes to entire commercial properties including school districts and rural ranches, Jason has never forgotten his initial reason for launching Cultris — to provide exceptional service that exceeds customers’ expectations. His team of professionals follow his lead and are always a phone call away from any customer, ready to address a concern immediately.

And Jason and his team of professionals are doing something right:

The majority of Cultris’ business comes from recommendations by customers and others.


We have you covered

Cultris Security Systems Inc. provides installation, maintenance, service, monitoring, upgrades and inspections on fire, security, access control and camera systems for a wide array of residential and commercial customers.

Why Choose Cultris?

We offer far more than just basic residential and commercial alarm systems. While adhering to all mandated requirements, we create customized designs to fit all of your security needs — and your budget.

Cultris works with only the best security system manufacturers, hires only highly skilled, dedicated employees and has made it a priority to build and maintain lifelong relationship with its customers.

Our dedicated team of professionals’ outstanding ethical standards and desire to provide exceptional quality and service exemplify how a security firm should serve its customers.

In addition to direct sales, Cultris sub-contracts for larger-scale fire and security companies, performing installations and service for commercial properties in the greater Houston area.


We service a broad range of customers

Rural ranches

Port authority facilities (Cultris is an approved vendor by Homeland Security and the Government Accountability Office)

Schools and school districts

Multi-tenant office buildings

Religious facilities

Childcare facilities


City water treatment facilities


Industrial office and warehouses

Retail centers

Custom homes

Distribution and Logistics


Contact Us

CALL: (281) 506-8466



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