Stop them in their Tracks with Video Verification

With cameras on every smartphone these days, it seems every event is easily captured on video and can quickly go viral.  But what about for the times when there isn’t anyone around and your business is vulnerable to theft or burglary?

Video Verification for your Business

Many businesses rely on video cameras to keep their facility, employees and inventory secure.  But having a fulltime person watching live video all day, every day can be expensive and tedious.  And while it’s great to capture video footage of a perpetrator, if you don’t “catch them in the act,” it may still be a lengthy process of finding them and having them arrested.

One way to enhance your existing security system is through video verification. With video verification, your burglar alarm and video cameras are tied together for monitoring so that when an alarm occurs at your business, the monitoring station can pull up the video feed and see who is on the premises and what they are doing.

Caught on Camera

A break-in at a warehouse storing expensive equipment was stopped when the monitoring station pulled up the video at the location when the alarm was triggered by a door being opened.  The burglars were stopped in their tracks by the onsite security guard who had been alerted by the alarm company and went to investigate after calling the police.

Car dealerships also find themselves the targets of thieves breaking in after-hours looking for keys to cars on the lot. Many of these businesses rely heavily on video verification so they can stop the intruder while they are still in the building and before they get away with a car. The thieves may expect a burglar alarm, but expect to be in and out before the police can be dispatched. They don’t realize that with video verification, the alarm company can confirm to the police that there is a burglary in process and describe the intruders and their actions.

The video clips tied to the alarm events will be saved and accessible by law enforcement to aid in the criminal prosecution of the intruders.

Prevent False Alarms

Video verification can help prevent false alarms as well. After closing for the night, the employee or business owner may realize they forgot something and run back inside to grab it.  Forgetting they already set the alarm, they can trigger the alarm when they return. The monitoring station can look at the video and see who it is and call to confirm it was an employee without ever dispatching the police.  This keeps the police free to respond to true burglaries and other crimes!

We Can Help!

The bottom line is video verification adds another line of defense to protect your valuable business assets. Cultris Security Systems has been protecting residential and commercial properties for more than twelve years.

We work with state-of-the-art equipment, and our technicians are experienced and well-qualified to answer your questions. Contact us today to learn how we can help secure your home or business!

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Stop them in their Tracks with Video Verification
Add a second line of defense to your business security with video verification. When an alarm is triggered, video verification allows the monitoring station to bring up the video on the spot and see what is going on at your location. If there is a burglar on site, they can dispatch the police right away to a crime in progress.

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